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Florida Inspired
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Florida Inspired
Women's Stinger 2.0 Wetsuit
Florida Inspired


Stingray | Open Water Swimming & iSUP Gear

Stingray is a Florida inspired open water swimming and inflatable paddle board brand that’s deeply connected to the ocean and its conservation. We offer professional-grade, high performance and superior quality products at an affordable price. Our open water swimming gear has been tested by Olympians and our inflatable paddle boards by Elite paddlers, to deliver the very best boards, wetsuits, goggles, backpacks and accessories. 10% of Stingray's profits go towards supporting marine life conservation with our Ocean's Heartbeat initiative. Please contact us to learn more.

The Ocean's Heartbeat

The ocean’s heartbeat is at the core of every Stingray product. We give back 10% of our profits to help marine life conservation, and volunteer our time to support beach clean up projects.

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