At Stingray, we have taken the time to design and develop a professional-grade wetsuit at an affordable price for our customers. Our founder, Rich Allen, who is a retired professional triathlete, came up with the idea for our Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits and gear after watching hundreds of stingrays migrate across Tampa Bay. He wanted to turn their effortless glide and balance into a reality for open water swimmers. That is why he created the Stinger 2.0 wetsuit made from Yamamoto neoprene with a titanium glide skin coating. Our wetsuits significantly aid glide, balance and rotation through the Stingray chest panel design and use of the best Yamamoto neoprene. The vest top is unique in that it has a full length rear zipper for easy access, and our neoprene buoyancy shorts deliver outstanding buoyancy through Air-Tech technology.