About Stingray


Stingray is a unique Florida inspired open water swimming and inflatable paddle board brand that’s deeply connected to the ocean and its conservation. We offer professional-grade, high performance and superior quality products at an affordable price.

In July 2020, the brand was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, home of the Rays Major League baseball team and thousands of graceful stingrays. Rays are synonymous with the Tampa Bay culture, but there is more to where the brand name came from.

The Stingray founder noticed something unique about the fevers of stingray migrating across Tampa Bay. Could their effortless balance and glide be translated to the human form through a wetsuit design? From this concept the Stinger 2.0 prototype was born and you can find out more about the unique design and technology HERE Next came the testing phase. Stingray tested the Stinger 2.0 not only on Olympians for speed and performance, but also novice swimmers for comfort and durability. The support of Tampa Bay open water swimming guru Leo Briceno was paramount during this testing phase.

So with our first product successfully designed around the Stingray shape, and being born in Tampa Bay, home of the Rays, we didn’t have to think too hard to come up with the name Stingray!

Following our first wetsuit, we quickly expanded in to inflatable paddle boards  goggles, waterproof accessories and the Brooke Bennett Collection, designed by the 3x Olympic Gold medalist swimmer. We are growing fast with more products on the design board every week, but the iSUP line is certainly the most exciting! Our Florida inspired iSUPs are taking the industry by storm and are quickly becoming our flagship product line. The Stingray iSUP Fusion-Tech technology is cutting edge and we are constantly working to make our boards faster, lighter and stronger.

From the beginning the brand's mission has been very clear and it was very important for Stingray to be different. There was something missing in the open water swimming and iSUP market. It’s easy to find cheap, poor quality products, and it’s easy to find very expensive, high performance products, but what about a high performance, high quality product, at an affordable price point? There was nothing out there, which ultimately hurts the consumer.

Stingray’s mission is to disrupt the market and deliver unique high performance, superior quality products, at a lower price. How is this even possible? It's simply that Stingray takes the hit, not the consumer.

But the story doesn’t end there. Stingray is more than just a brand and our mission is two fold. The Ocean’s Heartbeat initiative is an integral part of Stingray and please take a minute to find out more about it HERE It is very important that we give back to the ocean.

And so here we are today. A unique brand disrupting the marketing, delivering the very best open water swimming and iSUP products. A brand that's identified as the ocean’s heartbeat and 100% inspired by Florida living.


Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, Rich Allen was a professional triathlete for 21 years. During his Pro career he won 9x National Championships, achieved 7x Ironman 70.3 podiums, and had an ITU world ranking best of 9th. As a Junior he claimed 2x World Championship silver medals and 1x European Championship gold medal. He was also part of the British Sydney Olympic Games squad and the Scottish Manchester Commonwealth Games squad. Rich was a DNS in Sydney and finished 12th in Manchester. He now enjoys paddle boarding and open water swimming with his family in beautiful St Petersburg, Florida.