Stingray is a unique open water swimming and SUP equipment brand that’s deeply connected to the ocean and its conservation. We offer high performance and superior quality at a lower price.

The brand was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, home of the Rays Major League baseball team and thousands of graceful stingrays. Rays are synonymous with the Tampa Bay culture, but there is more to where the brand name came from.

The Stingray founder who is an avid paddle boarder, Elite open water swimmer, and retired Pro triathlete, noticed something unique about the hundreds of stingray migrating across Tampa Bay. Could their effortless balance and glide be translated to the human form through a wetsuit design? Following months at the design table, the Stinger 2.0 was born and you can find out more about the design and technology HERE.

Next came the testing phase. Stingray tested the Stinger 2.0 not only on professionals for speed and performance, but also novice swimmers for comfort and durability. Our testing team also includes Open Water Swim Guru Leo Briceno, and 3x Swimming Olympic Gold Medalist, Brooke Bennett. We left no stone unturned when pushing our prototypes to the limit!

So with our first product successfully designed around the Stingray shape, and being born in Tampa Bay- home of the Rays, we didn’t have to think too hard to come up with the name Stingray!

Following our first wetsuit, we expanded in to many other products, such as goggles, neoprene accessories and iSUPs. We are growing quickly with more products on the design board every week, but the iSUP line is probably the most exciting!

From the beginning the brand's mission has been very clear. There was something missing in the open water swimming and iSUP market. It’s easy to find cheap, poor quality products, and it’s easy to find very expensive, high performance products, but what about a high performance, high quality product, at an affordable price point? There was nothing out there, which ultimately hurts the consumer.

Stingray’s mission is to totally disrupt the market and deliver very high performance, superior quality products, at a lower price. How is this even possible? Is it magic or even a scam? Absolutely not! It's simply that Stingray takes the hit, not the consumer.

But the story doesn’t end there. Stingray is more than just a brand and our mission is two fold. The ocean’s heartbeat is an integral part of Stingray and please take a minute to find out more about it HERE.

And so here we are today. A unique brand disrupting the marketing, delivering the very best open water swimming and iSUP equipment. A brand that's identified as the ocean’s heartbeat.

This is only the beginning as we embark on a journey to grow Stingray into a Global brand. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you swimming and paddling soon!