Stingray do 10.6 inflatable paddle board and Stinger 2.0 wetsuit rentals, for in-store pickup and drop off only. The rental is for a full weekend with a Friday pickup and Monday drop off. It's the perfect way to get out and enjoy the water, without it costing the earth, or if you want to try before you buy.

iSUPs are only $75 per weekend and wetsuits $50 per weekend. There is a $100 damage deposit which is refundable on return of the item without serious damage*. Tax paid on deposit is not refundable.

If you wish to buy the iSUP or wetsuit then the $75 or $50 rental fee comes off the purchase price as a credit bonus. Discounts cannot be applied to a rental, but can be applied to the final price if you decide to purchase.

Wetsuit purchase example: $399 - $50 rental fee - $100 deposit already paid = $249 to pay. Discount may be applied to that $249 if applicable.

iSUP purchase example: $625 - $75 rental fee - $100 deposit already paid = $450 to pay. Discount may be applied to that $450 if applicable.

To book your board or wetsuit please contact us as soon as possible. Rental availability is limited.

*Serious damage for wetsuits is defined as holes or tears over 2 inches, excluding seam tears. Serious damage for iSUPs is defined as a puncture hole of any size that causes deflation. Broken paddles are not defined as serious damage. Any serious damage will result in losing the $100 damage deposit.