At Stingray we pride ourselves in using the very latest materials, design, and manufacturing technology to deliver the fastest and best quality products on the market.


  • The 5mm Stingray shaped chest panel is designed specifically to give the right amount of buoyancy in the chest area to deliver the perfect body position. The angular design also significantly aids body rotation.
  • Using super flexible Yamamoto neoprene throughout, with a fine hydrophobic titanium coating will make you glide through the water.
  • The 5mm Air Tech technology is used in the Stingray chest panel, hips and thighs. The tiny air pockets provide additional buoyancy where needed, but also significantly reduces weight.
  • 0.8mm underarms and groin are the thinnest on the market, providing unparalleled flexibility when swinging your arms and running. 
  • Using the same 0.8mm in the neck alleviates the common choking sensation, but lets in no more water than a much thicker neck piece.
  • The large 1.5mm shoulder panels cover the entire upper chest and shoulders making it incredibly flexible when swinging the arms and much easier to breath comfortably. No more panic attacks!
  • 2mm neoprene is used in the arms for medium warmth with 4mm on the back and 3mm on the side to give the suit the perfect balance. 
  • Legs below the knee are 2mm to allow for some leg kick, but the 5mm above the knee will not let them sink.
  • Finally, a small but important touch- the rough velcro side is on the wetsuit neck not the flap, so this avoids the chances of chaffing.


  • Fusion technology uses machine heat and pressure to fuse two layers of PVC together. It eliminates the use of glue, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • Double layer PVC makes for a much stiffer and stronger board that performs better and is far less likely to puncture.
  • UV resistant coating on the outer PVC layer extends the life of the board.
  • The composite drop stitch core increases strength and stability over a traditional nylon core construction.