The Ocean's Heartbeat

The ocean's heartbeat

Stingray is so much more than just a sports brand. It was born out of a deep passion for the ocean and would not be here without it.

We swim and paddle in our beautiful oceans, and Stingray believe it’s our duty as a brand to give back and help preserve this beautiful playground that we all enjoy. Humans use the ocean, but also sadly destroy it, whereas marine life selflessly live in it.

The ocean’s heartbeat is at the core of every Stingray product, with 10% of all profits going towards the sustainability of marine life, including but not limited to, manatee, dolphins and whales, sharks and rays, turtles and osprey.

So how does it work exactly? In the 1st Quarter of every calendar year we calculate our gross profits from the previous calendar year and give a full 10% back. At that time we will email our database and provide a short list of suggested ocean charities we would like to support. You will be invited to vote and the charity with the most votes will be mailed a check! If a charity wins then it will not appear on the short list within another 5-years, to make sure we spread the love around. If we are showing a loss we will still make a contribution.

In addition, our staff spend 3-days of paid Stingray time per year, cleaning up the beaches and waterways in Tampa Bay, Florida. We promote these events on Facebook and invite volunteers to come and help. All volunteers receive free Stingray merchandise for their support.

Going one step further we are expanding our drop shipping services to reduce carbon emissions, we use recycled cardboard boxes rather than poly bags for shipping, and we are working to develop prototype boards using recycled PVC.

It's only a small contribution, but perhaps more so serves as a positive example for the next generation.