The Ocean's Heartbeat

The ocean's heartbeat

Stingray is so much more than just a sports brand. It was born out of a deep passion for the ocean and would not be here without it. We swim and paddle in our beautiful oceans, and Stingray believe it’s our duty as a brand to give back and help preserve this beautiful playground that we all enjoy. The ocean’s heartbeat is at the core of every Stingray product.


The Ocean’s heartbeat initiative has recently changed so that Stingray may have a faster transition into helping marine life conservation and preserving our beautiful oceans and beaches.

Stingray had previously pledged to donate 10% of gross profits to marine life conservation, but in the first few years our profits will be small, so we are not really able to help, which is frustrating. The preservation of our oceans and the conservation of its marine life is urgent and simply cannot wait several years. We see every day a serious decline in the quality of the ocean waters and beaches, and a sickening rise in the amount of trash and plastic that directly impacts marine life.

With this in mind we have set up a new fully compliant system whereby we are able to help immediately. Stingray now donates 5% of every sale through this website directly to a marine life conservation charity, which the customer may select from an Ocean's Heartbeat shortlist on the cart page. We believe that this will generate more revenue, especially in the first 5-years. It is also a more transparent way of doing things so you, the customer, know exactly where the donation from your order is going. Within 1-month 5% of your purchase will be actively working to do some good! If the customer does not choose one charity then our 5% contribution is divided up equally between all.

The only exception is the Navy SEALs collection where 10% of every sale goes directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation rather than ocean conservation charities.

Which charities do we support and why? Stingray currently have a shortlist of 4 charities which we are supporting for different reasons. The Ocean Conservancy and the Coral Reef Alliance are global non-profits that already have a significant impact in many countries across the world. They work hard through politics and science to deliver long lasting change. The Save The Manatee club is more relevant to Florida where Stingray was born. They help in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of manatee, as species which is in rapid decline. The Seabird Sanctuary is a very small Tampa Bay charity that rescues seabirds and conducts surgeries for common rescue ailments such as broken wings and fishhook ingestion. They rely on volunteers and small donations so we will help them as much as we can. 

Going one step further from the donations, Stingray's staff spend 3 paid work days per year cleaning up our Tampa Bay beaches. We are also expanding our drop shipping services to reduce carbon emissions, using recycled cardboard boxes for most of our shipping packaging, and we are working to develop prototype boards using recycled PVC.

Thank you so much for supporting Stingray and the Ocean's Heartbeat initiative!